This 3-Hour package is perfect for those looking for an equally relaxing and cosmic experience. It will allow room for introspection, time to chill out, and is an educational workshop to connect you to the cosmos. First, your group will enjoy a 60-minute Soundbath; expect to lay down with your eyes closed and focus on experiencing the various sounds and sound waves from crystal bowls to help you reach a heightened state of consciousness. Afterward, each person in your group will get their own printed birth chart along with a mini-chart reading from a professional Astrologer. This session brings in all of the cosmic bride-vibes and is the perfect way to do something unique for your group. P.S. – finding out everyone’s star sign is the best way to start some great group bonding! While each guest has their chart readings done, the rest of the group can relax and take in the cosmic magic (…the perfect time for a Mimosa party!) You’ll need to provide birth chart information two weeks prior – this includes birth date, time, and location for each person in the group. ** You can schedule these sessions back to back, or have them spread throughout your weekend.

$700 Total (up to 10 people)

Additional Guests: $70 each